Unified Communications

UC systems are the future of the workplace.

Unified Communications is not a new term in our 行业, but Unified Communications (UC) for your 业务 is more important than ever! UC enables companies to keep the communication going by offering several options to communicate. No matter the size of your 业务, UC systems are the future of the workplace.

Your UC solution should include:

  • Phone calls
  • Video
  • 的声音 & 传真 to 电子邮件
  • 流动性
  • 闲谈,聊天
  • Presence / Instant Messaging
  • Interactive 的声音 Response (IVR)
  • Conferencing
  • Screen Sharing
  • And More…

Most 业务es communicate in a number of different ways. Today’s workers want to be more productive, responsive, and competitive – regardless of size, 行业, or location. We know that communications and collaboration play a critical role in helping them achieve it.

Unified Communications is a term used to describe a phone system that integrates, or unifies, a spectrum of communication technologies and methods on a single platform. A UC system unites workers to seamless communication.

Hiscall is positioned to deliver more UC solutions than ever before. 我们可以
deliver both UC and UCaaS solutions that fit each customers’ needs.

Make communication easier.

Top Benefits of Unified Communications:

  • Boosts Productivity

  • Reduces Travel & Administrative Costs

  • 降低它 & Other Operational Costs

  • Better Workforce Collaboration

  • Secure Communication

Unified Communications systems’ ability to enable remote work, video, and potentially even tie into IoT communications is critical to realizing this efficient, futuristic work environment. UC will allow more mobility, collaboration, and customer service while making communication easier.

Surprisingly affordable and with the latest technology features, you will discover the solutions pay for themselves. Contact Hiscall, Inc. today to learn more about UC features and benefits for your 业务. 

Contact Hiscall, Inc. today to learn more about UC features and benefits for your 业务. Give us a call at (866) 740-7771.

Contact us to learn how Unified Communications can help your 业务! (866) 740-7771

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