Access Control Systems

Access Control will manage...

  • Who has access You may, for example, only want to allow unrestricted access to employees. At the same time, you would like visitors and contractors to report to the reception desk on arrival. 
  • Which doors do they have access to You may want only some people to enter certain areas. For example, you only wish technicians to be allowed in your server area. 
  • What times they can gain access Contractors, and junior staff may only be allowed access during their standard shift pattern, whereas senior staff can enter the building at any time. 

Hiscall delivers affordable, reliable electronic access control systems for your business. Customers can enjoy a level of confidence that comes from partnering with a single-point-of-contact for their technology needs. Speak with your Hiscall Account Consultant about Access Control for your business today!

Make your facility a secure environment by utilizing an access control system.

Access control systems allow you to monitor and control entry points, including doors, elevator floors, parking gates, or garage doors. Each solution is designed with a single goal—making access intelligent and secure.

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Access Control Systems

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