Emergency services within your communications 和 collaboration platforms are critical to delivering accurate 911 services to a hybrid workforce.

But as your technology gets more complex 和 regulations change, it’s easy to fall behind 和 make mistakes that lead to non-compliance, 更糟糕的是, put your workforce 和 organization at risk.

Kari定律 和 RAY BAUM’s Act

Recent federal regulations like Kari定律RAY BAUM’s Act make capturing precise location information at call time-critical to employee 安全. 

What is Kari定律?

  • Kari定律 requires the specific digits 911 to be the only digits needed to contact Public Safety 和 for that call to get there directly. 另外, when a call is made, a designated person, 安全, security team, 和 a front desk administrator need to receive a notification a 911 call is taking place.

What is RAY BAUM’s Act?

  • Ray Baum’s Act deals with dispatchable locations. Dispatchable location begins with the street address or the civic address. It is complete when it includes floor, 套件, 和 potentially rule number information so that Public Safety can render immediate assistance.

To maintain compliance at your enterprise, you can use dynamic location routing to quickly migrate their communications to the cloud 和 solve for regulations. 

In 911, location is everything. When calling 911, we assume that emergency services know where to find us.

The FCC estimates that if emergency response times improve by one minute, 10,000 lives can be saved each year! With VoIP 和 smartphone devices, determining 911 location is more complicated than ever. Pinpointing caller location has gotten harder as callers now are more mobile than ever before.

Misrouted 911 calls caused by incorrect address information can waste precious minutes. As organizations upgrade their legacy systems, they can break their connection to 911. But don’t worry, 911 doesn’t have to be scary or expensive. Hiscall can help you navigate the complexities of 911 like:

  • Moving to the cloud
  • Supporting nomadic users
  • Enabling software, apps, 和 IoT devices
  • Meeting complex regulations

Spend more time focusing on your core business 和 less time worrying about whether your users are protected under 911 regulations. 

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